Gyroscope has the best design and technology today for decentralized stability. Here’s how we reinvent the stablecoin.

At Gyroscope, we have a unique background on DeFi, having ourselves done the cutting edge research on every approach, which puts us in an ideal position to build a decentralized stablecoin. We have designed Gyroscope for DeFi power users who want the best decentralized stability. …

Incentive security and economic stability in DeFi: stablecoins, governance (e.g., COMP), DEXs, cross-chain assets, and more; a “manual” for open DeFi problems and models

Ariah Klages-Mundt, Dominik Harz, Lewis Gudgeon, Jun-You Liu, Andreea Minca

Sustainable farming?

TL;DR The new focus on DeFi governance yield farming and recent memory of Black Thursday amplifies concerns about the poorly understood structure of risks in DeFi. We provide a new foundation for characterizing and modeling these risks; this is developed…

Deleveraging Risks, Integration with Custodial Assets, and an Alternative Non-Custodial Liquidity Mechanism for Crises

TL;DR A seeming contradiction arises in decentralized stablecoins: while the goal is to make non-custodial assets, these can only be fully stabilized by adding uncorrelated assets, which are currently centralized/custodial (e.g., Maker’s recent inclusion of USDC collateral). In fact, this issue applies more broadly to synthetic and cross-chain assets. We…

The case for intervening early

A lot of great visuals have been created to communicate the idea of “flattening the curve” so that the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhelmed from Coronavirus COVID-19 cases. I haven’t seen much to help visualize the importance of intervening early with precautionary measures in an epidemic. …

Ariah Klages-Mundt

PhD student @ Cornell University, Twitter: @aklamun

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