• Da Hongfei

    Da Hongfei

  • Brad Mc Fall

    Brad Mc Fall

    AS in Computer Science and BS in Biology from Cornell University. Interested in evolution and blockchains

  • The Cryptofessor

    The Cryptofessor

  • DeBank - (DeFi Wallet)

    DeBank - (DeFi Wallet)

    DeFi wallet (https://debank.com)

  • Lubomír Valík

    Lubomír Valík

    PhD student and lecturer of Bitcoin and Blockchain: Practical Seminar at Prague University of Economics and Business, owner of financial advisory office Diverzo

  • Ihar Redin

    Ihar Redin

  • Andreas Andreakis

    Andreas Andreakis

    Engineering @ Netflix

  • Dominika Nestarcova

    Dominika Nestarcova

    Crypto-enthusiast and legal researcher on legal risks in distributed ledger technologies, ICOs and the legality of smart contracts. Singapore.

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